HitchPro ry is an association registered in Helsinki, Finland. It organizes the annual Hitchball 4000 hitchhiking race which takes place in June in Northern and Eastern Europe.

The officials of the association are in 2017:

Matti Fouchault-Airasmaa – Chairman
Aleksi Wallenius – Vice Chairman
Topias Rusanen – Treasurer
Hanna Ritari – Secretary
Emma Vepsä – Chief Propagandist
Ukko Liukkonen – Web wizard
Juuso Ikola & Aino Vaittinen – Campus communication
Jari Vepsäläinen – AD & Video

You can contact the association by sending a message to hitchpro(at)list.ayy.fi.

HitchPro warmly welcomes new members or anyone who would like to participate in organizing the race. To support the association, you can for instance buy a Hitchball 4000 badge. Contact the officials of the association for more info.