Information and tips about hitchhiking can be found for example on, on and for Finnish speakers even on Nyt and in this blog. Puzzled about signs often used by drivers? Check out this guide!

Who can take part in the competition?

Anyone. You can be a student or not, a seasoned hitchhiker or a total noob, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you are ready for a week-end long adventure!

Does it cost something to take part in the competition? Why?

The participation fee is 30 euros per person. This fee covers the rental of the GPS trackers, the camping fees and the prizes. The event is organized by a non-profit association, HitchPro ry.

Is the winner the team who has traveled the farthest from the starting point?

Not this year! This time around, participants race towards a secret destination through selected checkpoints of varying difficulty and value. The winners will be determined based on their time of arrival and difficulty of checkpoints selected.

Am I allowed to arrange rides in advance?

No. Fortune and unpredictability are core features of the race.

Am I allowed to travel by public transportation?

You’re allowed to travel by public transportation only within cities, or the Helsinki capital city area (Helsinki-Espoo-Vantaa-Kauniainen). You can also take a boat to another country, e.g. from Helsinki to Stockholm or Tallinn. However, taking a boat is not hitchhiking, so you should pay for the ferry ticket.

Am I allowed to travel by public transportation between cities if I don't pay?


Not during the race.



Can I travel back to Helsinki using public transportation after the race has ended?

Yes, you can. You are of course also free to keep on hitchhiking!

Who's in charge of this?

Hitchball 4000 is organized by a Helsinki-based non-profit association, HitchPro ry. You can contact the organizers through info[@]